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Pure Rugs

Cowhide rugs designed by architects, handcrafted by artisans.

Pure Rugs is a Los Angeles based design studio offering a premium collection of modern Cowhide and Sheepskin Rugs. Having architects and leather artisans working together with the softest, shiniest and full body hides, we bring you to our knowledge, the best Cowhide Rugs. No detail is left behind. From individually selecting each hide, composing exclusive designs and patterns, to the perfection of each long lasting stitch, when choosing a Pure Cowhide Rug, Sheepskin Rug or Sheepskin Beanbag we assure that you are buying a life lasting product, timeless in design and use. 

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sustainable living, travel, design, architecture, interior design, cowhide rugs, sheepskins, modern design, Brazil, Argentina, sundays

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